# Category
1. Coffee Tables
This glass top Yew tree trunk table is hundereds of yerars old and we dont often get such beautiful examples of something so old. The table has a hardened glass...
Coffee Tables
2. Hall Tables
Shelving unit made to order made from rare yew
Hall Tables
3. Kitchen Tables
8 seater kitchen table made out of elm. this piece has not been polished and is in its natural state.
Kitchen Tables
4. Corner Units
Corner units come in solid Elm, Yew, Spalted Beech or Oak.
Corner Units
5. Mirrors
Mirrors come in solid elm, yew, spalted beech or oak.
6. Chaiselonge
Elm Chaiselonge with lime/brown upholstery
7. Shelfing Units
Shelfing units come in solid Elm, Yew or Oak.
Shelfing Units
8. Commissioned Work
footstools can be made to what ever size suits, with many different fabrics to choose from.
Commissioned Work
9. Mantelpieces
Yew over mantle, aged a few hindered years old.
10. Bread Boards
This board is inspired by a place in sligo called "halfmoon bay" in hazelwood, where yeates got inspiration for many of his poems. This board is ideal for placi...
Bread Boards